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Struggling to write your first blog, huh? Thinking of blog ideas as a beginner can be daunting, but don’t worry this blog will help get the ball rolling! Sometimes plucking ideas from thin air can be difficult, but once you’re in the swing of things it just flows. Sometimes you’ll have lots to write about and other times you’ll feel brain numb. That’s where this blog ideas for beginners tips and tricks guide can help you when you’re a little stuck. Hopefully, with this guidance, you’ll gain some inspiration ❤

If you have a business and your beginning to write a blog to get more engagement with your clients or customers, you’re doing the right thing.

Blogs are great for connecting with your audience to keep them engaged and coming back for more. You’ll likely already have an understanding of what your clients want to see or hear from you, but if you’re struggling for context, these blog ideas for beginners will get you on your way.

Blog idea 1: Tell people your story!

Tell people where you’ve come from, problems you’ve faced and where you plan ongoing. People really connect with human stories. Gemma, Founder of That’s Her Business created this blog about who we are and what we do to help female entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. Don’t forget to read other blogs and take inspiration from them too.

Blog idea 2: How to guides

You are in your industry because of your knowledge and skills, share your knowledge with others. When people want to find out how to do something, the first place they look is how-to blogs. It could be ‘how to create a business email address’ or ‘how to sign-up for web hosting‘, people want to find out information in the quickest, most stress-free way they can. So, step-by-step how-to blogs are an easy way of generating traffic and positioning yourself as an expert.

Blog idea 3: Tips (like I’m doing right now 😉)

Who doesn’t love a tip? A quick pocket of information that people can use from day to day to help themselves improve what they do. Tips are similar to how-to guides, in that people want the information as quickly as possible. Tips are usually shorter form and come in lists, just like this one!

Blog idea 4: Press releases and mission statements.

Keep your audience up to date with things that are happening in your business. You might think people aren’t interested, but they are. Not only does it keep people up to date, but it shows transparency. It gives people an honest insight into your business, making people feel involved and creating trust.

Blog idea 5: Services and software you use that you love

There’s lots of different software out there that people in your industry use. Shout out the ones you love! There are lots of people out there just starting their journey and would love to know what works and what doesn’t.

Blog idea 6: Write about events you’re throwing or events you’ve been too

Firstly, you’re at the event and your readers probably aren’t. It provides others with an insight into what happened on the day if they couldn’t make it. Then write your opinion, did you enjoy the day, would you go again?

Blog idea 7: Interview people

Interview people in your industry. You’re not only getting content from interviewing someone but you’re making connections with others. For example, if you are a personal life coach, you could interview a business coach, and share tips and knowledge. This works both ways too! They could interview you for their blog and you’ll both reach a larger audience.

Blog idea 8: Gather research

Sounds simple, but just ask! Ask your customers or clients what they would like to hear or read about. If you receive similar questions from your clients regularly, write them down and give a detailed answer in a blog! If your clients ask those questions, plenty of other people out there will be thinking the exact same thing. You can also send surveys out to people or ask your audience on Facebook or LinkedIn what they’d like to learn about, is there anything that you can help them with?

Blog idea 9: Advice

Give genuine advice. It doesn’t necessarily need to be about you or the business. It can be advice on current news or about your home life. Advice on how to stay motivated while working from home is always useful or ways you look after your mental health while running a business. People will really apricate these blogs and connect with you further. Maybe you’ll be able to share your own blog ideas for beginners later down the line.

Blog idea 10: Share your success

Sharing your success does two wonderful things for you: 1. It demonstrates how amazing you are! 2. It makes you seem more human.

If you’ve won awards, shout about it! Your audience will love to hear about these things, and it gives hope to others who could follow in your footsteps.

These are just a few blog ideas for beginners and once you get started there’ll be no stopping you. Thanks so much for reading this blog. If you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share please feel free to leave them in the comments below! Lots of love – That’s Her Business 😘

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